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High Privacy Solution

We understand that the most significant challenge facing any operation will be defined inside a specific environment and we have built flexible tools with responsible expert that can address specific requirements and attribute needed. Plus, a wider, ongoing market sense for specific industry and technological challenges. We are confident in provide Solutions, Services and Advice to our clients, on technical application as well as to out-source operations.

Our Professional Services provide:


  • Self Owned IDC for data privacy   

  • Management and monitoring security thread related to the client applications or IT infrastructure ;

  • Knowledge, expertise, and best practices to design, implement and maintain the client application ;

  • Profressional Call Center Service ;

  • Private SMS Service ;

  • MRL-QA, Pharmacovigilance, US

Presently FINGERBOX provides solutions to small and medium size companies with varied industry background. However, we do have client which are the leader of the industry. Below is some of our references :

Our consultants are certified in :

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